Shifting Borders- Art by Alka Raghuram  Poetry by Emer Martin

Border Crossings

Published on The Wild Word

Our group #shiftingborders is a diverse and fluctuating group of artists who all migrated to Silicon Valley because of the opportunities offered in the high-tech industry to our partners or ourselves.  We all work in different mediums and believe different things. We are very happy this month to share our work with The Wild Word, a new magazine dedicated to excellence in art and committed to the same core beliefs as ourselves. Because if we share one core belief, it is that art is more powerful when it means something, when it addresses social injustice, and when it attempts to explore the crisis and strain our planet is under.

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Irish teacher in California: 'I never thought it would involve taking a  bullet'

Published on The Irish Times

"I come armed with pragmatism. When I decided to become a high school teacher after moving almost five years ago from Ireland to California, I did so to support my writing habit. I was not young and idealistic. I was an immigrant middle-aged parent, and as an artist it was a job I could bear. I thought I could spend even more time reading, thinking about, and discussing books, stories, plays and poems while getting that magical monthly pay cheque and vital health insurance for my family. I never thought the job would involve taking a bullet for someone else’s child."

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Watercolor illustration from "I wear my wife's shoes" by Emer Martin and Moitreyee Chowdrey

I wear my wife's shoes

Published on Levure Literature

A poetry and painting collaboration between Emer Martin and artist Moitreyee Chowdhury that attempts to start a discussion about refugees and ever changing cultural landscapes. 

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   Resist, a  poem by emer martin: "we fear a ludicrous man- a liar barking insults, deafening dreams, his tiny heart squeezed dry, a blind crafty rat stumbling a maze of hate, his empty eyes shining with avarice."


Published on The Wild Word

A poem written in response to the current political climate in the United States.

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An Artist in Silicon Valley

Published on The Wild Word

"For the last three years I have lived surrounded by the people who created the technology you use every day. I live in this place with no landmarks. Everything is hidden, subdued, and understated. Despite the flocks of pelicans in the Baylands, the  redwood-covered mountains, the whale-filled ocean, and the finger grip of fog grasping in from the coast, the human landscape is mundane."

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What does google do? Image by Ashling McKeever on The Wild Word

A collage by Emer Martin about Dali. 
"Dali and Magritte Taking a Stroll" Collage by Emer Martin

Keeping it Surreal

Published on The Wild Word

This work was of a particular time and place, that I then put away, thinking the struggle had moved on.  I thought the Gorilla Girls and feminist theory would wake everyone up and the art world would naturally become more inclusive and aware.  In a way it did, of course, but did the world change?  Art is resistance.  The surrealists struggling to work in a time of great political turmoil that scattered them across the planet during WWII and the rise of fascism are suddenly relevant again.  We are once again living in a time where the forces of darkness and oppression are on the rise. The veneer papering the advances we thought feminism had made has been stripped away with the recent brand of politics and misogyny that has arisen. Do these images have a new message for us?

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I'm still writing

found on The Irish Writer's Centre

It’s after midnight, my yellow cab crawls along the magnificently ugly Pulaski skyway over the foul wreckage of New Jersey’s chemical nightmarescape. This cab is bringing me back to a city that was once, unquestionably, home. The airline has lost my luggage, which always fills me with a sense of relief and freedom. Unfettered, I’m entering a hot Manhattan Saturday night carrying nothing but a laptop.

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Fight for your creative life from Im still writing by emer martin

Tea on a sunny day in san francisco: prose by emer martin

Tea in San Francisco on a Sunny Afternoon

Published on The Irish Writers Centre

"San Francisco is not a city that is the centre of anything in the art world but it does attract many people who care deeply about the arts. This is only one of the city’s contradictions. It is a city that not just tolerates otherness but embraces it. San Francisco is a cold foggy city perversely perched on a peninsula in Sunny California as if poised to pounce out of the Continent and do its own thing. And it does."

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Published on The Wild Word

"The fight was on. I was having a grand old time swinging about my rifle and play-acting. I even got a thrill at the terrified look on the face of the poor wee woman at the gift shop as she scuttled out the door. The guards were bemused and not budging until someone fired a shot over their heads and their faces blanched. The rifles weren’t fake after all."

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Bannerwomen: Second Rising by Emer Martin on The Wild Word   



Published by The Irish Writers Centre

To celebrate Bloomsday the Irish Writers’ Centre asked 18 writers to bring Ulysses into the 21st Century. As Joyce once took inspiration from the texts of Homer, the writers have taken the 18 episodes or chapters from Ulysses and transported them into modern Dublin.

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Author Emer Martin: Overnight success takes years


Portrait of the artist as a middle-aged woman doesn’t quite have the same heroic ring to it, but it is a feat of endurance and bloody mindedness.  Last week I was in London and I saw a random poster pasted to the wall - Overnight Success takes Years.  I stopped and took a photo and posted it to Instagram and got an overwhelming response from many of my artist friends. The filmmakers, the actors, the painters, the musicians, the page fillers, the poets. Anyone in the arts knows this instinctively. We also know that sometimes success never comes and sometimes it comes and goes too quickly. Author Emer Martin: Overnight success takes years