Shifting Borders

We wanted to show shifting landscapes and stories that tessellate into something entirely new. We wanted to capture the excitement of the moment as well as the tragedy. My story and paintings of a metamorphosis and a drama of a metamorphosis into our lives. Something entirely new in the world is being born.

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Folk Tales

Myths and folklore last throughout centuries because they possess a special emptiness that gives us space in which to interpret them according to our own generational needs.  There is a tendency in the oral tradition to stay on the outside of characters.  In myths, we do not find the interior voice of literature. We only know them by their actions.  

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Bull Series

The Hag is an otherworldly, non-cultural, nature being. I found myself painting
this giant cosmic female; she rose out of my canvas and took me by surprise.
Suddenly, I couldn’t hate the hag. I felt her struggle. The Roman Catholic
orthodoxy was fearful and tried to smother the power of the creative mother

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Seán Ó Conaill

Though Ireland had been a literate culture for 1500 years, the majority of the population lived on the periphery of that world.  One of these people was Seán Ó Conaill, a farmer in Cill Rialaig, Co Kerry. The literate culture was separate from everyday reality and it was in the hands of the church, and the ruling class.  

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Síle Na Gigs






Miscellaneous Paintings