More Bread or I'll Appear


"Emer Martin has put her generation into one of the world's oldest stories: the quest to bring the beloved back home."

-The Seattle Times/ Post-Intelligencer

In a young, brash, hip new voice that combines irony and nervous tenderness with a bold and provocative appeal, Emer Martin introduces us to an Irish family unlike any other.

With her father institutionalized, and her brother's uncanny string of near-death misses, it's left to 28-year-old Keelin to find her oldest sister, Aisling, who has been missing from her family for fifteen years. Keelin travels to the bars of New York's East Village and the neon forest of Tokyo's underbelly, falling into and out of the lives of her colorful, troubled expatriate siblings. All the while, Aisling, out ahead, dares Keelin to find her and bring her back home. 

Moving at high speed and wickedly funny, More Bread or I'll Appear takes us deep into a world where the boundaries between family members can be greater than the borders between countries.



"Wry, trenchant. . . . Sharp-witted. . . . Movingly reveals the harm of clinging to the past, even in the name of family."  -The New York Times Book Review

"This book is as good as her last one Breakfast In Babylon, which is my favorite book of all time. Not everyone can understand where Emer Martin is coming from but those who do follow with cult like devotion. [...] She writes like no other writer, she forges her own style and is a true innovator. Emer Martin is not writing to please the mainstream, that is obvious. Some are deeply shocked by her though they must be weak livered. Her language is transcendant. the books are sad and funny and true." - Amazon reader

"A work of uncommon intelligence. . . . Martin's voice is strong and vibrant, her vision acute." -The Boston Book Review

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