Why is the moon following me?

"The profound questions children have are often dismissed by adults. This book treats their questions with respect by presenting the history of scientific thought in a way that is accessible to all children. It is a book that should be in every classroom because it will help lead children down a path toward 'real' science."

-Valerie Sabbag, Elementary teacher in Silicon Valley

Why is the Moon Following Me? is a series of fun, short poems for children to familiarize them with the story of early astronomy. Through the eyes of a curious child, we travel through time and encounter the discoveries of seven great thinkers from antiquity to the end of the Renaissance. Astronomy can be intimidating, even to adults, and this book is also for them, as a way to introduce their kids, and themselves, to some important key concepts.



"Utterly charming. From the quirky verse to the lovely illustrations, this book is a win-win for the younger set AND for the parents who may well be begged to read and re-read the stories. Nice to see a kid's author unafraid to use big words. Recommended."

- C. Clarke Smeeten

"What a great way to introduce children to Astronomy. This book is lyrical, fascinating, and a terrific introduction to the world of the stars and beyond. Great stories, told in an engaging way, and beautiful illustrations, to make the book complete. A great way to show the scientific journey towards a greater understanding of the world around us."

- Heidi Emberling

"I'm a sucker for a good children's book (though I'm adult or...maybe because of it). This is why, when I found "Why Is The Moon Following Me?" I got intrigued... And this fairy-tale-like, educational book delivered on all fronts! I immediately got immersed in colorful dreamscapes of the illustrator Magdalena Zuljevic (love it!).

- Magda Gacyk

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